Thank you for your patience and for engaging in this logo process with me. I appreciate you and your talent so much! It goes way beyond just your graphic design skills! You know how to capture and convey energy. That's magic!

Ann Fleenor
Myofascial Release & Healing

"Oh My God. ALL of the logo concepts are beautiful! I LOVE ALL OF THEM! I am crying right now. I never could have come up with anything so beautiful. All of them reflect how I feel about my business and what I do. You captured the essence of me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Lynn Schuster
Animal Communicator
Healing Through Animals

As a sales and business coach, I had struggled to find someone who could create a logo and brand that captured the feeling I wanted to portray. I have spent many hours and a lot of money pouring over revisions from other graphic artists, but never found anyone that seemed to understand.

After being referred to Susan and our first conversation, I knew she would be able to get the job done. Not only do I have a logo that I love, love, love, she created it in under a week! (I had a time sensitive event coming up.) Not only is it just what I was looking for, it is incredible what having it has done for my business. Having this logo and creating a consistent brand has actually increased my business. In addition, I am even more confident in my marketing because I'm standing behind something I am really proud of.

I highly recommend Susan. Her intuitive nature, her professionalism, and timely work can be difficult to find in the world of artists.
Thank you Susan. I look forward to working with you for a long time to come.

Angie Moss
Sales & Business Coach, CPC

Susan is my go-to designer. She never stops amazing me with the way she captures the essence, the personality, the spirit of the clients we've worked with. Susan listens to what's said, and hears what is not said, then creates a beautiful and perfect design. And on top of being a talented designer, she's a fun and amazing woman -- I love working with her!

Jackie Cunningham, CVO
Green Kite Virtual Solutions, Inc

Working with Susan has taken the advertising stress for our company and reduced it to zero. Over the last four years Susan has been very responsive to our needs regarding the wide variety of advertising that we do for property management especially regarding deadlines. Susan thinks outside the box when it comes to design and that is really refreshing.

After working with others over the years and missing the mark, the quality of our advertising is now top notch and that is all due to Susan taking the time to understand our business needs and the market we are trying to reach and using her expertise and exceptional eye for design to provide us with an advertising product that drives it home.

Our business continues to expand and Susan is an integral part in defining the image and presence of our company.

Barry Nivilinszky
Coastal Property Management Inc.
President / CEO

Working with Susan is like working with a world-class artist. Check that--it is working with a world-class artist. But instead of painting or sculpting, she uses her gifts and mad skills to bring business images to life for me in the most elegantly beautiful ways.

Susan is a joy, and I am so grateful that she continues to work with me to bring to life the beauty that's inherent in the work I do.

Anastacia Brice, Founder and CVO and

Suffice to say, Susan is efficient and very good at her work. Within three months, she had designed the cover and interior of my book, an email promotional piece and a website; designed and handled the printing for a physical promo piece and a business card, all the while providing what I wanted when even I didn't know. She truly is a "design intuitive."

That she would be a skilled artist I expected, because I snooped around in her portfolio before I hired her. That she would become a teacher to me as a first-time author and a trusted colleague I did not expect. In the beginning, when I was still full of doubt about my new book, she said she would read a part of the manuscript to get a feel for it for design purposes. She next called me to say, "I couldn't put it down and read way more than I intended!"--praise that certainly wasn't required for the job but was certainly a sign of the generous spirit I came to know. When we completed the project(s), I literally had tears in my eyes I would miss her so much.

This project could not have been done so beautifully and so well without her."

Marsha Larsen
author, Friending God: A Woman's Quest through a Social Network

Susan LISTENS. When two women come together with a common vision, it can be a hurdle to move from thoughts to reality. In two short conversations, Susan had caught our enthusiasm, captured our ideas, and was ready to present several versions of a logo graphic - ALL of which we loved! Lucky for us we both picked the same one as "THE" logo for our business. Susan's design talent and interpretive skills are assets to her business and to her clients."

Christine Wagner and Karen Hodges
The Women's Tree

Susan consistently delivers quality and awesome design representative of me and my brand! I value her years of experience and business sense to help me shine. The more my site and materials impact positively the more my professionalism takes front and center stage. Looking good matters if you want to build your client base!
Susan is creatively brilliant and fresh, quick to produce with a razor sharp eye for detail and congruency. Furthermore, Susan stays with the work until I am 100% satisfied! What more could I ask for?

Susan came highly recommended by a successful visible business mentor and colleague. I know Susan can handle my business growth. She has my vote of confidence.

If you are serious about your business, the brand and the image you project - take the leap! Just call her- I am sure glad I did!"

Veronica Cole

We LOVE working with Susan. We went through a few graphic designers that just weren't "getting" our brand, but when we found Susan we were SO happy as she seemed to "get it" right away. She is so quick, and when she sends the different concepts she has put together, the biggest problem we have is trying to pick just one - they ALL are so beautiful. Susan is a joy to work with, and I give her my highest recommendation!

Shelley Riutta MSE, LPC
President & Founder of the
Global Association of Holistic Psychotherapy

The day I found Susan Johnson was a red letter day for my business. Of course I didn't know it at the time. With not a whole heck of a lot of input from me, Susan proceeded to design a logo for my writing coach business that never fails to draw positive attention and remarks - so much so that I am holding a contest based upon it. That's not just a good logo. That's a great logo.

When I oh so casually handed my e-book to Susan to design, little did I know what a pain-in-the-neck project I was handing her. At a certain point, I thought it was "good enough," but Susan gently contradicted me and kept working until the e-book was the highest quality she could make it. My marketing person is delighted with it, as am I.

If you want that rare combination of talented designer plus problem solver plus truth teller wrapped up in a package of good-humored professionalism and superior customer service, then hire Susan. She delivers.

Carol Hess
The Star Polisher

Working with Susan was exciting! She was able to help me capture in design and images both the feeling and concept of my new business.
Susan not only walked along side of me as I developed my website, but assisted me in creating business cards and promotional materials that truly were unique, integrated and very attractive. Folks look at my site and materials and say, "Wow, I love that!"....thank you Susan, you're the best.

Becky Sue Roth
New Ability Productions

As a new business owner, it is imperative that your vision and mission for the business are brought to life in all of your marketing materials. Susan made this tremendous task seem almost effortless, by taking the time to truly understand my business and my target market. She is dedicated to serving her customers, like myself, so that the end product will reflect what it is they do. Susan has a keen sense of design coupled with good knowledge of what works so that I didn't commit what would be mortal mistakes. She sets expectations and delivers great work at a very fair price. One of the other great benefits of working with Susan is that she does it all - logos, brochures, and website design. Additionally, she has a large network of contacts for other services that you can completely trust. I love my website and logo and owe Susan for helping my business get off to such a good start."

Kathy Nicholas
New Directions Coaching Company

When a family member recommended Susan to me, I did not know what to expect. I am a self-admitted control freak, and took a big chance by sitting back and letting someone else take the reigns. I do not regret it one bit! Susan was an ABSOLUTE joy to work with and is truly a breath of fresh air! After a short conversation, she had layouts for my web site sent to me in a short amount of time, and they were amazing. The best part is that they were exactly what I wanted but could never have created by myself. And my favorite was even the very first one she created! Susan has a true talent and it is so apparent in the work that she does. Not only was the product phenomenal, but working with Susan was a pleasure. I feel that not only have I made a great contact for design work, but I have also made a friend. I will absolutely work with Susan in the future and will recommend her to anyone!"

Jill K. Stadtmueller
Fresh Takes Photography

What can I say? It has been a pleasure to work with Susan. Susan created my logo design, business package and brochure with creativity and a great deal of patience and encouragement. We would laugh at times that most would cry...this became a partnership to achieve the perfect outcome. She took the time to listen to my vision and understand my mission for Pathways to Vibrant Health.

Beginning with the logo design, Susan gave me several unique approaches and, after many revisions, developed a design that truly reflects my philosophy of wellness. As for the brochure; what begin as pages of text became a very interesting graphic design depicting the Pathways to Vibrant Health that I offer - a brochure that inspires, interests and intrigues the reader to search for more information. She worked with me while I developed my copy, over and over again, to get the right words. It was never a problem and settling was not an option - we worked until it felt exactly right.

I am very pleased with the process and the outcome. Susan is very intuitive and I highly recommend her services. I would consider her expertise to be the pathway to creating great communications materials for your business."

Adeline Driscoll
Pathways to Vibrant Health

Working with Susan is a like a dream come true. She asks all the right questions to elicit what you really want, and then lo and behold amazing graphics come from her. The hardest part of working with Susan is deciding which one you like! She is creative, intuitive, responsive and has an amazing sense of humor...all key ingredients to a successful working relationship."

Perenna Fleming
Life Enhancement Coach

With the level of transactions that occur via cyberspace, it is essential for all of my materials to be viewed as an extension of who I am. I believe Susan is equally compelled to graphically reflect one's thinking and intentions for each unique organization she works with. Once our "Business Start-Up Package" was completed, Susan designed a postcard to market the new look for my business, Guide to Greatness, LLC. I have had an overwhelming response from the 5,000 postcards that were sent and 100% positive feedback for our new logo, web site, business cards, and corresponding materials. She has been a delight to work with, and I highly recommend her for your design needs."

Cyndi A. Laurin, Ph.D.
Author of Catch! A Fishmonger's Guide to Greatness
Founder of Guide to Greatness, LLC

Working with Susan is like a dream come true. She is smart, creative, responsive, and affordable -- in short, everything I could want from a graphic design professional. Hire her for just one project and you'll never want to work with anyone else again."

C.J. Hayden, MCC
Author, Get Clients Now! and Get Hired Now!

Susan, it is such a joy to work with you. In you, I've found a true partner. The six CD album covers are such gems, so much more beautiful than I could have imagined on my own. You carefully nurtured them with your insights, creativity, and expertise. I am deeply grateful to you and look forward to our next projects."

Jeanie Marshall, Empowerment Consultant and Coach
Voice of Jeanie Marshall

Not only do I continue to be thoroughly happy with the web site design Susan created for me, but the high compliments continue to roll in. And here's the best part: Susan is a dream to work with."

Maggie Lichtenberg, PCC
Margaret Klee Lichtenberg Coaching
Author,The Open Heart Companion

Thank you. You are amazing. I love the new website and can't thank you enough for all your help in creating it and getting it up and running. Not only are you talented but it was fun to work with you."

Robin Fogel

When I asked Susan to design a logo for my business, I wasn't even sure it was possible for anyone to come up with something I would really love. The process of working with Susan was amazing - the only frustrating part was having so many great designs to choose from! She took my ideas and quickly turned them into possibilities, was more than patient with my requests for "tweaking", and when the final design appeared, it was nothing short of magic. I knew instantly it was 'the one'."

Jan Beasley
Virtual Foundations

Wicked cool! Love that I don't ever have to describe what I want...that's HER expertise! And that she can 'read' me as a client and always astound me with what she comes up with. Her creativity is through the roof! Jeanna and I are always commenting..."DAMN, she's good!!!' "

Eva Gregory
Leading Edge Coaching & Training

Susan Johnson is a creative genius. She is a great listener and really develops a great "feel" for what her clients want. Susan then becomes a master of "wow" when she responds quickly and creatively. I have several businesses, and when I need design work done I contact Susan and it's done. She is quick, efficient, and extremely creative."

Kevin Coyne

When I first found Susan I was drawn to her by the soul she expresses in her art. Every time I click in to her website I smile. As I work with her I am drawn to a true friend who can "see" inside my heart and bring out the art in me.

Susan has been a catalyst for enormous change in my life. She was able to quickly take my initial feeble stumbling through identity branding and guide me through to a complete, unique package including logo, web site, stationery and business card. In fact, about an hour after we spoke for the first time she sent several samples for me to view. Shortly after that we had the whole picture together.

She has a great sense of color and balance and her enthusiasm is catching. She is easy to work with, treats me with candor and kindness, and I feel blessed to know her."

Donna Castaner
Lightforce Virtual Assistant

Susan is simply a masterful design wizard! She quickly transforms hazy, ill-defined ideas into sharp, eye-catching concepts that are both spirit-full and practical. Her designs are crisp; her color sense is elegant. And, best of all, she is so much fun to work with! Susan is truly amazing ... no lie!"

Carol Gerrish

I was aiming for an alternative and memorable logo that would represent my business.

I enlisted the help of another graphic designer, who knew a little about me prior to our working together. After two months of many phone conversations and email, I had a logo that didn't wow me, but that I was going to settle for anyway just to finish the process. After some thought, I decided if your logo doesn't WOW anyone, how can your business?

I put a query out to my contacts for another designer... and was guided to Susan. Talk about a night and day experience!! After talking with Susan for 30 minutes, she designed the perfect, memorable, WOW-ing logo I was looking for - and the whole process from start to finish only took 3 days!!!

Everyone I've shown my logo to loves it and thinks it definitely encapsulates the essence of my business. With Susan, I definitely have a designer for life! Thanks a million!!"

Kathy Nicholson
Coaching The Waves

Every time I ask Susan for a new design, whether it's an ad or website, she gives me a piece of art that I get complimented on by all who see it! I tell her what I want people to feel when they look at, then in the blink of any eye...walaaa! She comes with 2-6 designs I LOVE. The hardest part of working with her is trying to choose only one of her designs! She simply is a creative genius and she taps right into my vision. Thank you for everything."

Jeanna Gabellini
MASTERPEACE Coaching and Training

Working with Susan is easy, effortless, and it's almost as if she has mental telepathy with me! Susan is able to tap into the core essence of what my intention is for the graphics I request - it's like she's reaching into my mind's eye, obtaining my vision ideas, and then making them real. Incredible talent! And always quicker than I asked for."

Dory Willer
Beacon Quest Coaching

copyright 2007-16 susan d. johnson